Double baked Seed and Quinoa Crackers

Μοιάζουν υπέροχα!!!!


These little beauties came into being one weekend after buying the worst tasting natural, gmo, yeast, gluten, vegan, low calorie, and everything possible ommited and very pricey – crackers. I must say I was fraught  with danger, when I placed the cracker in my mouth. It’s super-excited  dry texture had clung to my mouth and created a vacuum. Swalling it down was sheer impossible  without a glass of water.  At that point, I placed the packet in my cupboard with the hope that one day soon I’ll feel adventurous and try them again.   That day never came, as I now make my own. It’s varied a little each time as you would when baking for domestic use

These crackers  may I add were easy to make, are packed with all the goodness of seeds, quinoa and LSA but also loaded with flavour the natural way with the right herbs.

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